Specimen collection

If it comes out of your patient, we can help you get it. Workpath gives you the power to dispatch an experienced specialist anywhere in the country
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Our Services

When it comes to specimen collection, we work with only the best healthcare professionals across the nation. Patient experience is our top priority.
Blood Tests
Hormonal Testing
Genetic Testing
Immunology Testing
Allergy Testing
Cardio Metabloic
STD Testing
Men’s Health
Women’s Health
Pre-Natal Testing
Dermatological / Skin sample
Urine & Stool
and more...

The software that makes housecalls happen

Pick the test and hit submit. We handle the rest.


The Workpath API intelligently sends your work request to a specialist with matching skills

Specialist Matching

Our API matches your service to a capable and properly credentialed provider

Specimen delivery

The API handles logistics for dropoff or shipping specimens directly to your lab partner


At every step, Workpath keeps you and your patients aware of whats going on

HIPAA Compliance

We employ proper HIPAA compliant encryption and safety procedures.


The API handles all routing and scheduling and keeps your patients up to date
Patient satisfaction rating

Capable, compassionate care


Our specialist network is properly trained, reliable, credentialed, and, most of all, passionate about patient experience.


Patients choose the time that works best for them and stay in touch with their technician to make sure they get time that works for them.


Our specialist and technician partners are background checked and meet their state’s guidelines for certification.

All Across the US

With coverage across the country, you can dispatch a specialist and provide care virtually anywhere in the continental US.
250,000 draws and counting.
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