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Built for healthcare, Workpath's technology enables you to seamlessly manage and dispatch your healthcare labor to deliver care whenever and wherever it's needed.

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Centralize Work Opportunities

Use Workpath's HIPAA compliant technology to track all appointments and shifts in one place. Work can be added by your customers, team, or through an API integration with an existing system or EHR (like Allscripts, Epic, and Cerner).

Match Intelligently

Workpath’s platform automatically finds the most qualified labor based on rules you define including availability, location, certifications, rating, and more. Secure the right care, right time, and right place.

Communicate With Your Workforce

No more spreadsheets, phone tag, email, or fax machines. Streamline communication by automatically notifying your workforce of new opportunities while providing all key details through the Workpath app.

Dispatch and Improve Care

Rest assured that your team member is arriving on time and prepared for every appointment with step-by-step instructions and supplies. Workpath's customized patient communication and automated reminder system improves patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Monitor for Compliance and Completion

Be as hands-on (or off) as you'd like knowing that the system monitors everything on a centralized dashboard throughout the entire appointment. Coordinate care, ensure compliance, reduce manual communication, and improve record keeping.

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