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We help healthcare organizations send work opportunities to their employees and vendors with a click. Our HIPAA compliant platform schedules, dispatches, and manages teams of all sizes.

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Manage Your Healthcare Workforce

Unlock your team’s potential. Quickly add all the members of your organization directly to our platform, then post appointments for your mobile users to grab – whenever and wherever they’re most convenient for your patients.

Improve Efficiencies and Outcomes

Create better patient experiences with unprecedented visibility and control of the care you deliver. Dispatch, monitor and track all of your services in one place, in real time. 

Generate More Business

Time saved. Team optimized. Costs reduced. Workflow transformed. When all of this happens, there’s one thing you can count on: You’ll have the bandwidth to generate more business.

Here's how it works.

Add Your Office Users

Office users are your coordinators and schedulers. They’ll use our platform to order new appointments or shifts, monitor your organization's work on the Dashboard, and manage and track your mobile users.

Add Your Mobile Users

Mobile users are the specialists who perform your services – nurses, phlebotomists, technicians, and other healthcare labor. They’ll use the HIPAA compliant Workpath mobile app to accept new appointments posted by your office users and manage their work assignments.

Send Your Labor Work

Customize and upload all the services your organization performs, then order new appointments or shifts from your Dashboard with a click. You can assign opportunities to a specific mobile user or publish them for multiple mobile users to accept – first come first serve. 


Your Dashboard is where you create new appointments, then monitor and track them. Toggle between List View and Calendar View, or filter through all your appointments to see whatever you’d like – the workload of your entire workforce or the activity of a single specialist.

Centralized Location to Track Updates

Get real-time status updates of all the appointments on your Dashboard for a quick snapshot view of your network and the work they’re performing. Click on the appointment to see more information, like timestamps for any status updates or changes, and notes from other team members in your organization.

Workpath Mobile App

Our HIPAA compliant app lets your mobile users set their desired work radius, notifies them of new opportunities posted in their area, uses GPS to help them navigate to each service location, and reminds them of your service protocols. 

Quality Control

Fully customize the services your network performs by adding the step-by-step procedures and supplies necessary to complete each opportunity. This information is visible to the mobile users on their Workpath app so they'll never miss a step. 

Automated Patient Communication

Improve patient satisfaction by sending automated appointment reminder text and email messages that are customized for your organization.

Schedule the Right Person for the Right Service

Our tagging system makes it easy to stratify workers with different licenses, certifications, or equipment. Our system matches services that require particular tags with the mobile users on your team who have those tags to ensure that appropriately qualified users receive each opportunity.

Better Visibility and Management of your Network

Background check your team for only $19.99 each, ensure all licenses and credentials are up-to-date by setting expiration dates on tags, and track the quality of each of your mobile users directly in their profiles. 

Full API Integration

Our API integrates seamlessly with your existing system, like EMR, payroll systems, or other technology platforms.

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