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We Just Upgraded Your Desktop Experience! 

Here are the latest enhancements we've made to save you time, boost your productivity, and grow your business. 

By the Numbers: The Impact of On-Demand Labor Dispatching


Workpath makes it a priority to publicly update our stats on a regular basis. Let's dig into our appointment acceptance rate, ability to reduce scheduling time, acceptance by top-ranked specialists, appointment completion rate, and more!

Improve Appointment Experiences with New Workpath Features


A series of new updates designed to boost appointment experiences and your grow your business!

Save Time, Coordinate Better Care


Thanks to your feedback, we've tested and launched an improved user interface that makes it easier than ever to coordinate quality care using our appointment page. 

Health Information Technology Interoperability at HIMSS and Beyond


Workpath had the privilege of joining 45,000+ colleagues from around the world at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Conference in Orlando, Florida. Driving many of the inspiring conversations, educational sessions, and world-class speakers was the topic of interoperability. Workpath is committed now more than ever to improving efficiencies, relationships, and overall health and wellness through cooperative use of shared data.

New Features to Make 2019 Work!


Let's redesign healthcare in 2019! Here are some of the latest features we've released to empower your organization to provide the right care, at the right place, and at the right time.

Transparent! How Technology Can Provide Greater Visibility for Everyone Involved in Healthcare in 2019


For healthcare organizations wishing to be responsive to marketplace expectations, technology makes it possible to increase transparency and enhance their interactions with those receiving care and those delivering care.

Workpath Launches Availability Feature


Healthcare techs, specialists, phlebotomists, nurses, and more can now use the Workpath mobile app to enter the hours they are on-duty and ready to accept new work. Office users (managers, schedulers, admins, and more) can view their availability and assign work accordingly or sit back and let our system intelligently match the right fit. Specialists will receive automatic notifications if work is posted during their available hours. It's that simple!

Workpath Expands Platform to Fully Automate Phlebotomy Requests and Other Medical Services 


The expansion of a clinical data exchange platform by Workpath will create new healthcare efficiencies and improved patient outcomes.

Partner Spotlight: Naborforce Connects Aging Adults to a Network of Freelance Care Providers for On-Demand Support


It's our privilege to partner with and celebrate innovative clients like Naborforce who share our vision for redesigning the healthcare industry. Together, Naborforce and Workpath are using technology to simplify the way qualified individuals are identified, organized, managed, and dispatched to fill critical needs in the community.

A List of Reasons Why Youll Love Workpaths Features (Part 2 of 2)


As technologists working to improve healthcare, our training calls for us to listen and to respond intentionally. To give our work the biggest impact, Workpath thrives most when we list our priorities, make them transparent, and then make them come to life through the features we create.

A List of Reasons Why Youll Love Workpaths Features (Part 1)


Workpath asked healthcare organizations around the country what they needed most to improve the way they dispatch, coordinate, and improve care. We listened, we created, and we delivered the following list of features! Part 1 of 2.

Tech-Enabled Patient Engagement That Improves Experiences


Let Your Patients Know Who's Arriving and When. Watch Satisfaction Soar.

Workpath by the Numbers 


Data shows that Workpath technology improves the way healthcare labor is coordinated, dispatched, and monitored.

The Future is Now Available 


Workpath’s New App Update Will Make It Easier To Assign Healthcare Jobs Based on Availability

We're Integrating Checkr Technology to Change the Way Healthcare Organizations Manage Background Screenings and Staffing!


The Workpath and Checkr partnership will make it easy, and cost effective, to perform a National Criminal Search, Sex Offender Registry, Social Security Number Trace, and Global Watchlist.

How Reference Labs Leverage Workpath Technology to Grow Their Business, Revamp Logistics, and Improve Outcomes


Reference labs using Workpath have grown their business and improved outcomes while boosting specimen integrity to 99% and appointment compliance to 98.2%.

Tech That Schedules, Automates, and Manages Wellness Events in One Place


How the Workpath platform is being used for wellness event management and logistics.

Make Every Mile Count: How Mileage Tracking Will Help Your Healthcare Organization


This new geolocation feature on the Workpath platform offers all the information a specialist needs — the estimated mileage to an appointment based on their current location, the ideal route to reach the appointment in time, and the actual mileage that it ultimately took to deliver care to the patient.

Using Technology to Deliver Value-Based Care Wherever Its Needed Most


Technology is providing remarkable ways to accomplish the triple aim: reduce costs, improve medical outcomes, and improve patient experiences.