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How Customizable Order Forms Can Improve the Ordering Process for Healthcare Organizations


Workpath's new shareable Service Request Form allows organizations to electronically receive work requests from their customers in a HIPAA compliant way.

Making Wellness Events Simple, Trackable, and Cost Effective with Technology


How innovative technology can be used to organize, manage, and track wellness events and assessments that serve as the foundation of any good program that promotes well-being.

Workpath Named a Top 10 Healthcare Startup


Workpath has been selected as a Top 10 Healthcare Startup for 2018 by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine.

Tech That Schedules, Automates, and Manages Wellness Events in One Place


How the Workpath platform is being used for wellness event management and logistics.

Make Every Mile Count: How Mileage Tracking Will Help Your Healthcare Organization


This new geolocation feature on the Workpath platform offers all the information a specialist needs — the estimated mileage to an appointment based on their current location, the ideal route to reach the appointment in time, and the actual mileage that it ultimately took to deliver care to the patient.

Our Newest Board Member: Healthcare Leader Patricia Clarey


We’re honored to announce that Patricia Clarey has joined our company’s board of directors.

Transforming the Healthcare Experience: The Latest Feature Updates at Workpath


Together, we’re taking healthcare to new places. Check out the latest releases at Workpath designed to improve efficiencies, save time, and grow your healthcare organization.

Smart Healthcare Teams Are Using Tech to Improve Shift Assignments and Labor Management


Today’s leading technologists are working to apply modern tech platforms to industries that need it most. In the healthcare setting, a well-integrated technology platform can help healthcare teams perform better and ultimately impact the lives of those they serve — patients.

Technology Designed to Improve Gaps in Care


The right type of technology — applied at the right time and place — can help close this growing divide.

How Technology Can Improve Wait Times and Experiences for Cancer Patients


As healthcare technologists, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a platform you’ve built improve someone’s life in a meaningful way.

How Tech Will Help Independent Phlebotomists Grow Their Business


Part 2 in a 2-Part Series

Using Technology to Deliver Value-Based Care Wherever Its Needed Most


Technology is providing remarkable ways to accomplish the triple aim: reduce costs, improve medical outcomes, and improve patient experiences.

Modern Tech Will Revolutionize Your Phlebotomy Business


Part 1 of our 2-part series features helpful tips for phlebotomy business owners. Tomorrow’s blog post will highlight recommendations for independent phlebotomists.

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