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On the Path with Emily Murphy

Published 2019-06-12

Workpath is growing again, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce the newest member of the team—Emily Murphy! To mark this milestone, we’re launching a new series of blog posts featuring the many talented people pushing Workpath forward, starting with Emily! We’re calling this new series On the Path. Now, let’s get to know Emily…


As our Quality Assurance Engineer, Emily plays a key role in ensuring that all of the features at Workpath are working properly, humming along, and functioning according to plan! And to make sure our tech lives up to its promise, Emily actually tries to make things not work as part of her job. This allows Emily the opportunity to catch a potential error before it ever occurs on our platform. When it comes to healthcare technology, there’s simply no room for error and it takes a special problem solver to catch every possible issue before it ever arises. Emily therefore has the incredibly important job of troubleshooting combinations of errors that a user could potentially make so that we can fix them before they ever occur! 

A good QA engineer is a relentless problem solver at heart, and that’s Emily. Growing up in Ashburn, Virginia, Emily fondly recalls time spent with family playing games—card games, video games, board games, and the like. Anything that actively challenged Emily and engaged her problem-solving and creativity sparked an interest an early age. Through game mechanics she learned valuable lessons that shine today, such as the value of deep practice (repeating a set of circumstances over-and-over again to improve play), the ability to focus on a challenging task and to immerse yourself in it fully, the skill of analyzing the behavioral aspects of a game and its players, and the confidence it takes to tinker with a variety of problems that have a variety of solutions. 

Emily says that while functionality and ease of use are paramount, she’s also attracted to making technology fun and engaging. “Technology that you interact with every day has to inspire you. It’s important for technology to be fun…if things are fun then they are inherently easier to use,” says Emily. 

When Emily is not at Workpath, she spends time out of the office helping 2U partner with the world’s leading universities to bridge the digital skills gap. At 2U, Emily helps academic recruitment efforts by interviewing people for teaching positions and running through mock teaching sessions for 47 programs that are taught around the country. 


We couldn’t be more excited to have Emily join our team and to contribute to Workpath’s efforts to create technology that is easy to use and has lasting impact on the healthcare industry.