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Tech-Enabled Patient Engagement That Improves Experiences

Published 2018-11-06

Patient satisfaction is inextricably linked to the bottom line of your healthcare business. When surveyed, patients regularly report that better communication and real-time, customized appointment updates lead to better care experiences! This is especially true when delivering healthcare to the home or outside of the four walls of the traditional healthcare setting. That’s why we’re adding a new GPS tracking feature that lets your patients know when their healthcare specialist is en route, their anticipated arrival time, and other key details to keep everyone fully in the loop. 

How Workpath’s GPS Tracking Works  

  • With the Patient Communication feature turned ON, Workpath's HIPAA-compliant platform will generate a GPS tracking link that is automatically texted to your patients. 
  • Your patients will receive an update on their mobile device with the name of the specialist on the way, a photo of the specialist, and their estimated arrival time. 
  • Sit back, and watch your patient satisfaction, retention, and outcomes climb. 

Why Customer-Centered Communication Matters 

Think about it, the patients you serve are already used to receiving automatic notifications about the status of a flight, the arrival time of an Uber or Lyft driver, or the very moment a pizza will be delivered to their door. Healthcare teams must embrace this type of modern, customer-centered approach to the services they deliver. When they don’t, here’s what happens:

  • 91% of patients will look for another option
  • 88% will switch right away
  • 74% will simply put off important healthcare appointments

These important figures change even more when millennials, who have considerably less patience when satisfaction is in question, are surveyed. When this large patient population is not satisfied, the following occurs: 

  • 92% switch healthcare providers 
  • 89% put off visiting their provider 

Route tracking notifications by Workpath can make patients feel more comfortable that your organization is on the leading edge of healthcare. 

The Impact 

GPS notification represents yet another important step by Workpath to improve your team's services, communication, and ability to impact patient satisfaction. It’s clear that there are numerous reasons for your healthcare organization to prioritize the patient experience, some of which are financially motivated. It’s no secret that consumerization has finally made its way to healthcare and patients today simply don’t feel obligated to stay with a healthcare organization or particular healthcare service if they are not delivering high-quality experiences. Healthcare organizations must quickly adapt by using technology and engagement communications to drive better care experiences. Let's get started today.

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