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On the Path with Justin Rutherford

Published 2019-07-16

Justin Rutherford lives—and works‑—by a straightforward creed: be better than yesterday. Like many of his fellow Workpath teammates, Justin realized the power of technology at an early age and channeled it to improve the world around him. Beginning with developing his first website in high school in Keokee, Virginia, Justin began to explore new technology and gaming. He went on to study economics but returned to technology with a focus on software development with C# and JavaScript. 


“I enjoy getting into new things and the constantly evolving nature of the technology world means that there is always more to learn,” explains Justin. “Early on, I would use technology to make my day-to-day life easier by automating many of the mundane tasks I had to do. I would also spend my free time learning different aspects of development.”


Today, Justin is one of the leading developers at Workpath where his role is to ensure the Workpath platform continues to grow and improve. Thanks to his handiwork, Justin and his colleagues have made it possible for healthcare organizations to use Workpath technology to dramatically reduce manual interventions and eliminate all unnecessary phone calls, email, and faxes. His dedication to creating new features for Workpath’s partners has reduced the time it takes for healthcare organizations to identify, contact, and dispatch a healthcare specialist by 90%.


“I see Workpath as the way forward for personalized healthcare,” says Justin. “On-demand services are an expectation in a growing number of industries, why not healthcare? We’re working every day at Workpath to allow our healthcare clients to offer that same experience to their patients.” 


At Workpath, Justin is part of a dedicated team that recognizes the healthcare industry’s constant evolution and need for change. By creating an intuitive and seamless platform at Workpath, Justin’s goal is to help healthcare leaders avoid being left behind in an industry that can’t afford to wait. 


Working hand-in-hand with innovative healthcare partners around the country, Justin helps healthcare organizations of all types and sizes leverage the Workpath platform to find new ways to deliver care to patients when and where healthcare is needed most. Like his colleagues, Justin understands that many healthcare organizations are struggling to find an efficient solution that doesn’t overwhelm them with outdated technologies and manual processes. His role at Workpath is to develop—and continue to improve upon—Workpath’s platform that makes it possible to digitally receive work opportunities, seamlessly share appointment details with healthcare teams in the field, dispatch specialists where they’re needed most, and provide full transparency throughout the entire process. 

Some of Justin's favorite projects at Workpath include enhancing GPS tracking visibility and writing code in Elixir which is a dynamic, functional language designed for scaling and maintaining growing applications. In addition, he recently updated the Workpath user interface for ordering appointments to save time when ordering an appointment and he created Workpath's recently released hours tracking report. Justin is currently working on a new feature that will allow Workpath partners to customize the automated messages that are sent to their patients.


When Justin isn’t working to continuously improve Workpath’s technology, he enjoys finding adventure and learning new skills during his off-hours—from culinary arts to new languages (like Japanese, Italian, and French) to exploring new places (his most recent jaunt was to Italy). We’re proud to have Justin as part of the Workpath family as we work together to be better than yesterday.