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Your Team in the Home

Optimized Home Health

Moving patient care to the home is the next chapter of healthcare. All types of organizations – nursing, hospice, private duty, home health – are choosing to offer this patient-centric model, but the challenge is ensuring a high level of quality and consistency as mobile specialists are in the field. Workpath technology solves this problem. Our product is a tool that can help home health agencies deliver better patient experiences, improve compliance and record keeping, and grow their business.

Doctors, patients, and their loved ones can request appointments that show up right in the company's platform. Timestamps and real time updates help them monitor when a home health service has taken place. Tags guarantee that only appropriately-qualified specialists accept each appointment. Glidepath messaging sends automatic appointment reminders to patients.

Workpath is a toolkit of features to enhance your team.

A leading home health customer has boosted patient satisfaction to 99% using Workpath technology. Our app guides their mobile specialists through the protocols for every service, allowing them to focus on the patient and creating the best service experience possible.

Your Team in the Home

Mobile Phlebotomy Management

Our technology helps phlebotomy labor providers dispatch, manage, and track their mobile workforce in one place. Our API integrates with your existing systems, like the EHR or other internal technology platforms, creating a seamless workflow. And you can grow your business with our service request forms, assign appointments on any device, manage your entire network, track active services, access finance reports for invoicing, perform background checks, and automate messaging to your patients – just to name a few.

Some of the largest phlebotomy companies in the US leverage our platform to dispatch and manage their phlebotomists.

One customer dispatches over 5,000 phlebotomists using the Workpath platform. Their patient compliance has boosted to 98.2%, unnecessary phone calls have been reduced by 50%, specimen integrity has increased to 99%, and they’ve maintained the highest satisfaction levels in the industry.

Your Team in a Facility

In-Facility Healthcare

Many customers receive orders from hospitals and health systems requesting services in their own facilities – like STAT PICC Line Insertions or Acute Dialysis Services, among others. More often than not, those clients call, email, or fax orders to our customers, creating a hodge-podge of record-keeping, phone tag, and email chains. Workpath simplifies those complexities.

We provide health systems with timestamps, real time status updates, and automated messaging to their patients. They monitor every service in one place, their Dashboard, and can dispatch their team to perform new services with a click. The result is improved patient satisfaction, increased patient throughput, and improved outcomes.

With Workpath technology, large health systems around the country are streamlining their workflow.

Our platform is helping a leading health system eliminate double bookings and dispatch the right specialists to the right opportunities. Scheduling staff at the health system monitor all incoming requests and publish each appointment to their labor pool, stratified by customized skill sets, with a click.

Your Team in a Facility

Medical Equipment Maintenance

If you send technicians into hospitals and doctor's offices to service or replace equipment, Workpath technology makes it more efficient and profitable. Order flexibility allows for digital order intake directly from your customers or manually by your own schedulers. Technician “tagging” ensures that all appointments are scheduled with adequately trained and skilled technicians. Our client messaging system sends systematic updates to your customers reminding them of your upcoming visit. And Procedure Intelligence gives your technicians real-time instructions at the point of service.

Workpath creates a better experience for all parties involved.

A major medical device company relies on strict protocols for equipment repairs, so they utilize our mobile app to provide step-by-step service instructions for their technicians. Both customer satisfaction and quality have improved dramatically using the Workpath platform.

Third Party Labor Dispatching

HEDIS Positive

HEDIS is a set of standardized performance measures that ensures purchasers and consumers have the information they need to reliably compare health care plans. Payers must implement a plan to close gaps in care identified from their HEDIS reports, but many struggle with managing the care of their members, resulting in patient mismanagement costs that adds to their health plans.

Workpath optimizes and streamlines the current systems of care without any implementation costs. Using Workpath’s seamless online ordering system and its compliance messaging system, a payer’s HEDIS team can deploy on-demand specialists to close the necessary gaps in care.

A major health system uses our platform to dispatch a third party labor vendor to perform mobile services. Workpath technology has helped them increase patient compliance, optimize operations and outreach, and achieve the HEDIS positive threshold.

Third Party Labor Dispatching

Pre-Infusion Phlebotomy

Every year 650,000 individuals battle cancer and receive chemotherapy as part of their treatment. Before receiving treatment, these patients undergo a simple venipuncture and diagnostic to evaluate their complete blood count and general chemistry. The workflow for administering chemo, however, often leads to long wait times for vulnerable patients, poor patient experiences and poor outcomes.

Cancer treatment centers around the US have leveraged Workpath’s platform to dispatch mobile venipuncture specialists to the home to perform diagnostics on the night before the patient arrives for chemotherapy. As a result, health systems have reduced wait times, increased patient satisfaction, and simultaneously reduced costs.

A leading cancer treatment center in New York uses Workpath to dispatch specialists into chemotherapy patient's homes to help them avoid hospital trips for blood work prior to treatment. They've increased patient satisfaction to 100%, reduced waste of premixed chemo treatments, and opened up chemo chair time.

Third Party Labor Dispatching

Stat PICC Line Insertions

Workpath technology was designed to be primed for use quickly in the healthcare setting, allowing teams to embed the platform easily into their workflow so that the right healthcare labor is delivered at the right place and at the right time.

Procedures like Stat PICC line insertions can be managed, dispatched, and tracked using Workpath technology, and our API integrates with existing EHRs or other internal technology platforms to create a seamless workflow. Phone tag and email chains are replaced with a click, so you and your team can focus on what matters – delivering the best care experience possible.

A major health system uses Workpath to dispatch third party nursing groups to perform Stat PICC line insertions. They've streamlined communications, reduced the time it takes to get a nurse to the facility, increased patient satisfaction, and increased patient throughput.