We are the human face of your healthcare brand, anywhere in the country.

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We meet your patients where they are, literally

We set the standard for in-home care and allow you to scale your business regionally or nationwide.
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Nationwide coverage
All 50 states are covered.
When we say literally we mean literally.
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3 days
Easy, speedy setup
For basic services, you can dispatch
your first specialist in 24 hours.
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The standard for safety

Background checks

Every specialist is required to undergo a background check before becoming eligible for Workpath appointments.


We require proper licensure, training, and/or certification as required by the state(s) in which our specialists operate.


We carefully measure the performance of each specialist based on patient feedback, specimen quality, and more.

Patient focused

Beyond licenses, credentials, and regulations, we believe that the patient always comes first.
Patients choose the times that work best for them.
Specialists and patients communicate directly for flexibility.
Compassion, empathy, and comfort are our priorities.
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Quality control

With over 70% of medical decisions based on specimen collection and analysis, we know the importance of proper collection and delivery.
We make sure our specialists have the proper equipment.
We require photo verification to ensure proper draws.
We ensure all samples are properly packaged and delivered to your lab.
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You’re in control

Customized Steps

Specialists introduce themselves on your behalf and make sure treatment is handled per your spec.

Real Time Updates

Get transparent tracking on appointment progress, specialist status, and rescheduling.


Extract the information you need to make decisions for your patients’ care and treatment.

Find out how we can make our specialist network work for you.

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