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The healthcare organization – hospital, lab, provider, etc. – submits appointment details via Workpath's customizable Order Forms.

The work details are then seamlessly sent to their curated third-party labor groups or vendors.

The third-party groups or vendors dispatch an appropriately qualified healthcare specialist to perform the service.

Better Visibility for All

Forget the back-and-forth emails, endless phone tag, and text messages. Using Workpath, our partners have seen a 65% decrease in emails and 40% decrease in phone calls from their customers.

Everything in One Place

The appointment record contains attached documents, customizable services, and timestamps for all status updates. Specialists can also collect data from the field, including notes, photos, and scanned shipping barcodes. View all of this information in one place, in real time.

Integrate and Streamline

Through the Workpath API, integrate your existing system and maximize productivity by streamlining the ordering, dispatching, and completion process with ease.

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