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Workpath Named a Top 10 Healthcare Startup

Published 2018-09-05

Workpath is proud to announce that it has been selected as a Top 10 Healthcare Startup for 2018 by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine. The nomination, made by the magazine’s subscribers, identified new and innovative solutions for solving customer challenges in healthcare. Healthcare Tech Outlook is a publication that reports on the healthcare technology community and how technology helps to grow the healthcare industry.

"As a team of healthcare technologists committed to deeply impacting the healthcare industry, we are energized by the many ways our platform is being used to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and allocate resources in order to improve care," explains Eddie Peloke, our CEO at Workpath.

Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine recognized our HIPAA-compliant technology for its ability to schedule, dispatch, and manage healthcare teams of all sizes around the United States. Today, our technology is leveraged by health systems, home health agencies, phlebotomy labor providers, insurance examiners, nursing organizations, and other healthcare leaders to seamlessly schedule work opportunities. In addition, Workpath is used by healthcare organizations to schedule daily shifts and on-call shifts at facilities and patient homes, to staff events, to fill open shifts, and to schedule recurring shifts. 

Best of all, a growing list of partners are now using our platform to easily create a variety of appointments for important services -- ranging from specimen collection to specialized medical services to wellness events -- with ease. Our technology has the ability to automatically find the most qualified candidate in a user’s network and the user’s labor can view the job details and accept all work assignments on their Workpath App. From there, the organization can view the status of the job in real time from the Workpath dashboard. In addition, the Workpath platform is being used to track when a team’s licenses and credentials are expiring, to communicate the supplies and procedures needed for appointments and events, to send push notifications out to remind teams of upcoming work, and to deploy mileage tracking for billing and GPS navigation to help healthcare specialists reach appointments successfully and to alert organizations of arrival status in real-time. 

The Healthcare Tech Outlook award recognizes Workpath's increasing role in tracking healthcare labor and procedures in a fashion that not only reduces paperwork levels and unnecessary expenses, but also allows healthcare leaders valuable time and resources to improve quality of care and all-around efficiency.