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Workpath Launches Availability Feature

Published 2019-01-01

Healthcare teams must be ready, trained, and available at all times. Whether your job is to dispatch healthcare specialists (employees or third party vendors) to important appointments or you’re responsible for delivering care to patients at an assigned appointment, we all share common goals: deliver quality patient experiences, improve outcomes, and reduce costs. That’s why we created Workpath! 

Our latest feature makes it easier than ever for healthcare organizations to give their labor an opportunity to enter their availability into our mobile app so that they can automatically assign work to the most qualified team member ready to receive the job and to deliver the best care possible. 

Here’s How It Works: 

Workpath’s platform automatically finds the most qualified labor based on rules that healthcare organizations define. By integrating our new availability feature, healthcare organizations can secure the right person to deliver the right care at the right time by following these steps:  

-      Healthcare organizations using Workpath should encourage their employees and vendors to update their Workpath app. 

-       Techs, specialists, phlebotomists, nurses, and more using the Workpath mobile app can then enter the hours they are on-duty and ready to accept new work.

-       Office users (managers, schedulers, admins, and more) can view their availability and assign work accordingly or sit back and let our system intelligently match the right fit.

-       The healthcare organization’s team will then receive automatic notifications if work is posted during their available hours. 

How This Will Help You


Any organization can use Workpath’s platform to automate the management of their labor, reduce waste, and improve their efficiency. Workpath integrates with existing systems like Allscripts, Epic, and Cerner. Industries currently leveraging Workpath’s intelligence include health systems, home health agencies, phlebotomy labor providers, insurance examiners, nursing organizations, diagnostic laboratories, and other healthcare leaders. In addition, the Workpath platform is used by healthcare organizations to schedule daily shifts and on-call shifts at facilities and patient homes, to staff events, to fill open shifts, and to schedule recurring shifts. 

Our latest availability feature at Workpath represents an important step we’re taking in 2019 to improve team efficiency, logistics, and compliance within the entire healthcare industry! Contact us for questions or to discuss how Workpath can help you redesign healthcare.