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A List of Reasons Why Youll Love Workpaths Features (Part 1)

Published 2018-11-16

We all love a good list. Whether it’s a laundry list, grocery list, short list, or honey-do list – they give us structure and a plan we can stick to. And the best lists provide proof of what we’ve achieved that day, week, or month. With that spirit in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of helpful features that Workpath has added this year. We plan to release this list of features in a series of blog posts over the days ahead. So let's get started.

Drum roll, please….


System Features:


In 2018, Workpath asked healthcare organizations around the country what they needed most to dispatch, coordinate, and improve care. We listened, we created, and we delivered the following list of features: 


-           Full REST API.

-           HIPAA Compliant.

-           Dashboard: The ability to track all appointments on one page with real-time status updates so you never miss a thing! 

-           Procedure Intelligence: Customize supplies needed and step-by-step instructions for each service to better control quality in the field.

-           Patient reminders: The ability to send your patients automated confirmation, reminder, and real-time status messages via text and email.

-           Intelligent Matching: One of our most popular features is the ability to use tags to keep track of certifications, licenses, or specifics for all services and members of your workforce. This let’s our healthcare partners stratify their workforce to ensure the right people have access to the right appointments.

-           Mileage Tracking: This feature provides healthcare organizations with the ability to eliminate the number of phone calls and messages from their labor about mileage, directions, and the time spent documenting their travels for each appointment. This popular geolocation feature offers all the information a specialist needs —  the estimated mileage to an appointment based on their current location, the ideal route to reach the appointment in time, and the actual mileage that it ultimately took to deliver care to the patient.

-           Shareable Service Request Form: This is a big one, folks. Our shareable service request form has helped our healthcare partners grow their business and improve their bottom line by providing their customers, patients, and providers with a customizable, branded order form that makes doing business with them easy. 

-           Build your Network: This features lets our partners connect and send work to a curated list of third-party labor groups.

-           Background Checking through our partner Checkr: Our latest feature integration makes it possible to perform background checks directly from your profile at a discounted rate! 

-           Availability: Your mobile users can input their working availability directly in the app so that Office users can view that availability in the web-app, swim-lane style. Coordinating appointments and finding the right person, available at the right time, to perform a job has never been so easy! 

-           Schedule recurring appointments/shifts: From your dashboard, you can now easily order, publish, and assign shifts with ease. You can also schedule recurring shifts! 

-           Customize Patient Messaging.


Tomorrow we’ll provide a list of features designed specifically for our Mobile Users, including our mobile app used to manage appointments, GPS location and route tracking, real-time status updates, finance reports, and more. Stay tuned for the ultimate Mobile Users list! 


And in the meantime, visit for specific examples and uses cases of how Workpath's labor management platform is currently used by health systems, diagnostic laboratories, home health agencies, phlebotomy labor providers, insurance examiners, nursing organizations, and other healthcare leaders to seamlessly schedule work opportunities. In addition, the Workpath platform is used by healthcare organizations to dispatch labor to patients' homes, schedule daily shifts and on-call shifts at facilities, staff events, and fill open shifts. Contact us for a demo here