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Smart Healthcare Teams Are Using Tech to Improve Shift Assignments and Labor Management

Published 2018-07-19

Those responsible for scheduling and keeping healthcare on track know far too well the challenges of scheduling labor to perform important tasks in a health system and beyond. There are phone calls, and text messages, and emails. And that’s just to get the process started. Not to mention, the follow ups after cancellations and scheduling mishaps that can also negatively impact team morale, patient satisfaction, and the bottom line.

Technology Can Help

High tech solutions that make logistics easy are no longer just for ordering a pizza or transportation. Today’s leading technologists are working to apply modern tech platforms to industries that need it most. In the healthcare setting, a well-integrated technology platform can help healthcare teams perform better and ultimately impact the lives of those they serve — patients.

Workpath, a healthcare technology company, recently expanded its HIPAA compliant platform to improve the way organizations perform and coordinate care. New features on the Workpath dashboard now allow users to order, publish, and assign shifts with a click. Health systems, phlebotomy labor providers, home health agencies, nursing organizations and other healthcare leaders around the country are now using the Workpath platform to seamlessly schedule daily shifts or on-call shifts at facilities or patient homes, staff events, and fill open shifts.

As healthcare technologists, Workpath is on a mission to continuously apply new technologies to an industry that deserves the best tools possible to improve the efficiency and impact of care delivery. The expansion of the Workpath platform allows healthcare organizations to spend less time worrying about scheduling their labor and filling shifts, and more time improving their care and patient outcomes. And at the same time, growing their business.

Leveraging Workpath’s shift feature is simple. Healthcare organizations select a start and end date and time. Then, users enter the address where the shift will be located, such as a patient’s home, a doctor’s office, a hospital, or anywhere else. Finally, they input the contact person’s name/info and the payment amount for the shift, if needed. Soon the platform will also allow the user to choose whether the shift is recurring (daily, weekly, monthly or by selecting custom dates).

In the event that a cancelation occur, Workpath also enables healthcare organizations to post their open shift through the platform in order to quickly find available workers in their network — they just need to fill out the details of the shift to post it. You can assign the shift to preferred specialist or your labor talent can receive a push notification through the Workpath app letting them know new work has been posted. The first person to accept gets the opportunity and the healthcare organization is updated in real-time on their dashboard.

Quality Control

In addition to new features designed to improve the everyday workflow of healthcare organizations, Workpath is adding features that continuously improve quality, safety, and compliance. This August, Workpath will launch a new feature within the platform that allows healthcare organizations to quickly and easily perform background checks for their entire network of employees and vendors at a discounted rate. The new feature will make it easy, and cost effective, to perform a National Criminal Search, Sex Offender Registry, Social Security Number Trace, and Global Watchlist.

Prior to the creation of the Workpath platform, seamlessly dispatching and managing healthcare services on-demand was not possible. The recent expansion of the Workpath platform marks a busy year for the platform, which is now being used by health systems, laboratories, home health agencies, and other healthcare organizations around the country. As a fully integrated platform, care providers can now automate their process of curating, managing, and tracking their workforce to perform a variety of critical healthcare services.

Your Turn

Let’s hear from you. Have you struggled with managing shifts at your organization? What solutions have you used to improve your workflow? Email Workpath at to share your experiences and let’s collaborate on a follow up blog post about ways technology can be used to improve team work and shift management for good.