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A List of Reasons Why Youll Love Workpaths Features (Part 2 of 2)

Published 2018-11-18

There’s nothing better than a good to-do lists, especially when it’s all checked off! Lists bring order to our lives, reduce stress, and focus the mind. As technologists working to improve healthcare, our training calls for us to listen and to respond intentionally. To give our work the biggest meaning and impact, Workpath thrives most when we list our priorities, make them transparent, and then make them come to life through the features we create. Today, we’re continuing our two-part series highlighting the list of features we’ve created in 2018 just for you. While yesterday’s post focused on features for Office Users, today we give you our list of features created for your Mobile Users! 


Mobile Users


Let’s take a look at some of the features you requested and we delivered. The following list includes features we’ve designed to help you coordinate, dispatch, and improve care through our mobile app: 


-           Set up and manage profiles with ease: We’ve made it easier to add photos, names, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, and more so that your users can focus on their top priority – delivering quality care. 

-           Set desired drive radii from home location and GPS location

-           Set preferred notification hours 

-           Receive push notification for new appointments/shifts if the work falls within their desired drive radius and preferred hours

-           Receive push notification if an appointment/shift is assigned to you

-           Receive push notification alert if the time/day or address is updated

-           Receive push notification is appointment/shift is cancelled

-           View history of completed appointments/shifts with details (time/date, service completed, payment, ordering organization)

-           View published appointments with ability to accept (patient/contact information hidden until appointment is accepted)

-           View Accepted appointments in chronological order

-           Call patient/contact directly through our app

-           Navigation to appointment location to ensure you never miss an appointment and are always on time!

-           Receive push notification reminders 24-hours before appointments start!

-           Select statuses: Accepted, Ready for Appointment, On the Way, Arrived, In Progress, Shipping (if applicable), Complete

-           GPS Tracking from “On the Way” status to “Arrived” status, making it easier than ever to keep all parities informed every step of the way! 

-           Add notes to appointment which are added to the appointment logs in the web app

-           Ability to drop appointments so that it is republished for others in the area

-           Scan shipping ID if that step is added to the service

-           View and click links from provider notes

-           View “locked” appointments, ones that cannot be picked up because user is missing certain required tags

-           In-app tech support - live chat with our Workpath team when you need us! 


Features that can be “turned on” if needed:


-           Order Forms: Create “Orderer” accounts for providers so they can log into an order form to send appointment information to the labor force directly. 

-           Multiple times/days for an appointment: Patients can select multiple times/days (first choice, second choice, third, etc.) they are available for an appointment. These choices can be viewed by the Office Users in the “dispatch center” where they can select a time that works for the labor.


Just for Patients:


-           Patient GPS Tracking: We’ve created this feature so you can easily text a link to your patients so they can track the route of the healthcare specialist who is en route, view their name and picture, see estimated time of arrival, and more. 



The best part about a good list is that once complete it sets the foundation for what comes next. That’s how you move forward. And that’s how Workpath is making the healthcare industry more efficient, more transparent, and more effective. 


Workpath's labor management platform is currently used by health systems, diagnostic laboratories, home health agencies, phlebotomy labor providers, insurance examiners, nursing organizations, and other healthcare leaders to seamlessly schedule work opportunities. In addition, the Workpath platform is used by healthcare organizations to dispatch labor to patients' homes, schedule daily shifts and on-call shifts at facilities, staff events, and fill open shifts. Contact us to learn more about how Workpath can help you coordinate, dispatch, and improve care.