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Save Time, Coordinate Better Care

Published 2019-02-25

Exciting news here at Workpath! Thanks to your feedback, we've tested and launched an improved user interface that makes it easier than ever to coordinate quality care using our appointment page. 

Faster scheduling, easier coordination  

It's now faster to create, assign, and publish appointments to your network. Whether you're assigning work to mobile users in your network or to third parties, our updated appointment page cuts time spent scheduling in half! 

Less clicks, more features  

The sleek, new appointment interface offers new features designed to improve care coordination and efficiency. Not only have we made it speedier to create and assign appointments, but we've also added important features that you've requested. And thanks to our new auto-save feature, users can further decrease the number of clicks needed to send work to their labor!

If you have questions about the new appointment page interface, chat with us live on our site and watch a video about the recent update. You can also chat with a Technical Support team member at Workpath within your Workpath app. We're always here to help!