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Eliminating Patient No-Shows: How to Fix a $150 Billion Problem

Published 2019-03-26

One of the biggest challenges for healthcare organizations of all sizes is patient no-shows and barriers to access. And the problem is only getting bigger. In fact, most healthcare experts estimate that the growing rate of patient no-shows costs the industry approximately $150 billion each year. 


Patient no-show rates can range anywhere from 5 percent to 30 percent depending on the type of healthcare appointment. This leads to a higher use of resources, lower efficiency, a decline in patient satisfaction as it causes delays for others, and reduced patient outcomes. Let’s take a look at the averages for a handful of the most common healthcare specialties today: 


·     Pediatrics: 30%

·     Dermatology: 30%

·     Optometry: 25%

·     Ophthalmology: 22%

·     Primary Care: 19%

·     OB/GYN: 18%

·     Dentistry: 15% 

The average value of a single visit for these specialties can range from $125 to over $350, and easily reach the thousands or tens of thousands every month depending on the size of the healthcare organizations. Using an innovative approach, however, Workpath, a technology company that provides healthcare organizations with the tools and transparency to dispatch healthcare labor to patient homes or healthcare facilities, has made it possible to complete 99.95 percent of healthcare appointments using its dispatching platform. 


Workpath’s solution is designed to help keep appointments on track by providing a reminder system for patients and for the healthcare organizations responsible for delivering care. The success of Workpath approach is built around its smart technology that identifies the proper labor resources for an appointment to ensure every patient receives timely care at the most convenient place. Using Workpath's HIPAA compliant technology, healthcare organizations are able to track all of their on-demand appointments and shifts in one place. Work can be added by an organization’s customers, team, or through an API integration with an existing system or EHR (such as Allscripts, Epic, and Cerner). Workpath’s platform then automatically finds the most qualified labor based on rules the organization defines, including availability, location, certifications, and rating. Workpath technology automatically notifies an organization’s workforce of new appointment opportunities while providing all key details (step-by-step instructions, supplies, and route optimization) through the Workpath app. Meanwhile, Workpath's customized patient communication and automated reminder system improves transparency so that patients are reminded of their appointment and all key details along with the arrival time and real-time status of their healthcare specialist. Workpath has proven that this increased level of transparency not only reduces no-show appointments, but also boosts patient satisfaction and outcomes. 

Contact Workpath to learn how your healthcare organization can complete 99.95 percent of appointments as planned while eliminating waste, boosting efficiency, and improving patient satisfaction and outcomes.