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Partner Spotlight: Naborforce Connects Aging Adults to a Network of Freelance Care Providers for On-Demand Support

Published 2018-11-26

At Workpath, our goal is to create technology that helps healthcare organizations distribute work opportunities to their labor. Along the way, it's our privilege to partner with -- and celebrate --innovative clients like Naborforce who share our vision for redesigning the industry at large. Naborforce is a Richmond, Virginia-based company that is connecting aging adults to a network of freelance care providers for social engagement and on-demand support. Together, Naborforce and Workpath are using technology to simplify the way qualified individuals are identified, organized, managed, and dispatched to fill critical needs in healthcare facilities and at home. 

“Workpath and Narborforce are both solving the problem of labor coordination,” explains Eddie Peloke, CEO of Workpath. “We have proven that innovative technology can be leveraged to improve the way critical services are performed and coordinated throughout the healthcare industry and community at large.” While Naborforce’s services are “non-medical” in nature, they often either precede or supplement traditional medical care.


Workpath, which was named a Top 10 Healthcare Startup for 2018 by Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine, is currently used by health systems, home health providers, healthcare staffing agencies, nursing organizations, phlebotomy labor providers, and other healthcare leaders around the country to seamlessly schedule work opportunities. The HIPAA-compliant labor management platform interfaces with major electronic health record (EHR) systems like Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts.


Naborforce is using Workpath's technology platform to organize and dispatch its network of compassionate individuals with a common goal of supporting older adults in the community. Naborforce contracts with “Nabors” who believe in their mission of helping elders while seeking flexible income and the ability to control their work schedules. Prospective Nabors undergo a rigorous vetting process before being invited to join the Naborforce network. Services provided by Nabors include help around the home (companionship, preparing meals, reading and conversation, correspondence and bills, organizing, and help with technology) or around town (grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, medical appointments, shopping outings, trips to the salon, and social events).  


“Naborforce’s approach of looking right in the community to source care and support for the aging population is unique. Given demographic trends, the demand for our services is vast and growing. And on the other side, there is no shortage of qualified, compassionate care providers.  Our largest challenge is the ability to connect the two in a manner that makes it reliable, simple and accessible,” says Paige Wilson, Founder and CEO of Naborforce. “Our integration with Workpath will greatly enhance our ability to offer on-demand services and dispatch vetted Nabors when and where they’re needed most.” 

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