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New Feature: Hours Tracking Designed to Optimize Healthcare Efficiencies

Published 2019-06-24

Measuring how well your healthcare team is doing their job is more than just eye-opening: it’s critical to the health of your patients and the success of your business. Our latest "Hours Tracking" feature provides your healthcare organization with full visibility and actionable data into labor activities so that you have a more accurate and complete picture of your workforce. Just click the "Reports" tab on the Workpath platform and begin improving efficiency today! 

Why Hours Tracking Matters

Today's leading healthcare organizations require tools and information to staff smartly, optimize efficiencies, and increase employee productivity. Our new Hours Tracking feature provides:

  • Increased visibility into efficiency of labor and decreases operational waste
  • Track the time your labor has worked based on appointments they’ve accepted and timestamped status updates
  • Customize the date range and statuses you want to track in the report
  • Choose units, hours or minutes, and round in 1, 15, 30, or 60 minute increments 
  • Track how many appointments each mobile user in your network has completed 
  • Downloadable report 

The new Hours Tracking feature eliminates the need for paper timesheets with automatic reports that can be customized and filtered by employee, appointment, and timeframe. You can see exactly how much time is being spent and how many appointments each of your mobile users has completed.

Get Started

Workpath's platform provides a suite of tools specially designed to help you create a highly engaged healthcare workforce to drive better patient experiences and better business results. Click the "Reports" tab on your menu to begin using this new feature right away. 

Connect With Us

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