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New Ordering Platform to Improve the Healthcare Services You Deliver

Published 2019-07-31

Meet our new ordering portal, where anyone who requests services from your healthcare organization (providers, schedulers, nurses, and more) can have full visibility into the status of the orders they've placed in real-time! That means, you now have the ability to offer your ordering customers more transparency and increased compliance. As a result, both your healthcare organization and your customers can say goodbye to time wasted on unnecessary phone calls, emails, and manually organizing and tracking each appointment. Everyone wins! 


  • Time wasted on email and phone calls with questions about the status of appointments
  • The constant back and forth about scheduling updates
  • Manually sending tracking numbers, documents, or data after completion


  • Improved tracking, compliance, and record keeping
  • Improved customer satisfaction and trust
  • Streamlined communication and workflows


Workpath continues to make enhancements to our platform and is proud to offer our new ordering dashboard as the latest feature to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of everyone involved in healthcare delivery. The new ordering portal is a tool that you can pass along to anyone who orders healthcare services from your organization. It is simple to use right away and offers lasting impact. To activate this feature, let your account manager know, email us today at, or use the chat feature on our site.