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How Tech Will Help Independent Phlebotomists Grow Their Business

Published 2018-06-12

It all starts with a stick. There are millions of blood draws that begin the medical process every day in the U.S. Often one of the first healthcare professionals a patient sees in their medical journey is a phlebotomist. They’re on the frontlines — often moving in and out of homes, hospitals, and office environments — while providing a critical service.

But there’s a problem– the current system for drawing blood is hindered by inefficiencies and there are countless barriers to growing your business if you’re an independent phlebotomist. While there are a growing number of blood draw and insurance examination opportunities out there, it’s challenging for an independent phlebotomist to sell their services to physicians, labs, health systems, and insurance groups.

In other words, drawing blood is the easy part for an independent phlebotomist. The hard part is earning the contracts and convincing healthcare organizations that they should use their service. This isn’t easy. It’s relationship building, it’s developing trust, it’s having good bedside manner with patients, it’s making life easy for the customer.

There are numerous steps that an independent phlebotomist can take to set themselves apart from the competition and technology can help. If you’re a phlebotomist, it’s important to ask yourself some tough questions. You know you’re good at specimen collection and putting the patient at ease, but do you ever miss calls? Do you get to emails/faxes late? Forget to respond to text messages? If so, you are not alone. It happens to the best of us. But, it’s important to remember that this isn’t the way to treat valued customers and patients.

Workpath is a technology company built to help make the lives of independent phlebotomists, and other care providers, easier. By signing up with Workpath, phlebotomists will receive a unique ordering link and can give this link to any of their customers or patients, allowing them to directly send appointments to the phlebotomist at any time. Put the link on business cards, put it on flyers, put it in emails. Doesn’t matter where you put it, all orders come directly to the phlebotomist!

Once a phlebotomist has the order, they can schedule the appointment, service the patient (the patient even gets automatic appointment reminders), and use the system to help bill the customer. All of this is done right in a personal Workpath portal. That means the phlebotomist can get back to doing what they were trained to do, creating good patient experiences and improving outcomes!

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