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Partner Spotlight: Phlebotek Solutions

Published 2019-05-27

For nearly a decade, Phlebotek Solutions, the only company in the nation focused on staffing solely within the phlebotomy industry, has been on a mission to connect the most talented blood draw specialists and medical assistants to the healthcare organizations that need them most. The growing company, which is headquartered in south Florida, was established in response to a dramatic shortage of qualified phlebotomists in the United States. To address this need, Phillip Svehla founded Phlebotek in 2011 and quickly built a reputation for providing superior service in medical staffing and job placement throughout the industry. 


In 2015, Jacqueline Rivera, Krystle Rivera, and Kyle Livingston became the owners of Phlebotek Solutions and carried on the company’s reputation for excellence. Today, Phlebotek is a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise that has curated thousands of the best phlebotomy professionals in the industry. 


Evolving with the Industry


“We are moving toward new types of patient interactions in our society and each year brings an influx of organizations seeking in-home and direct patient visits,” explains Jacqueline about recent changes in the phlebotomy industry. “As the industry has changed, Phlebotek has focused on providing more mobile phlebotomy and mobile examiner staffing services for nationwide specimen collections and one-on-one health exams.” 


Jacqueline says that Phlebotek’s mobile department has particularly excelled in fulfilling requests from those managing clinical trials. “We went from running one to running over 100 clinical trial programs for a variety of accounts, including a large number of universities.”


As a full-service staffing agency, Phlebotek is equipped to work with organizations of all sizes -- such as specialty labs, doctors, health diagnostic, and research companies -- to provide mobile phlebotomists and mobile examiners directly to patients around the country. “We understand that many organizations depend on reliable and experienced phlebotomists available specifically for short term health screening assignments and specimen collections. Our technicians can collect bloodandurine, process samples, record BMI and vitals and even perform ECG/EKG.”


How Technology Increased Efficiency and Growth


Coordinating, managing, and dispatching mobile phlebotomists nationwide and at a moment’s notice is no easy task. Like many phlebotomy companies, Phlebotek initially directed the attention of five staff members to manually organize and track phlebotomy requests and match available phlebotomists available to accept a blood draw opportunities on-demand. This process was manual, and often consisted of time intensive spreadsheets and multiple phone calls and emails to match the right phlebotomist to the right job opportunity. 


In 2018, Phlebotek partnered with Workpath to leverage the healthcare technology company’s intelligent platform to centralize Phlebotek’s work opportunities and automatically send the most qualified Phlebotek phlebotomists to appointments throughout the country. Using Workpath’s HIPAA compliant technology, Phlebotek is able to quickly schedule, dispatch, and manage its talented pool of phlebotomists everywhere at once.


“Workpath has been a tremendous help to us and our processes by eliminating the need for a paper-trail concerning timesheets,” says Jacqueline. “Workpath drastically streamlined the disbursement and assignment of available jobs which in turn decreased our turnaround time.”


As a result of the Phlebotek and Workpath partnership, Phlebotek’s efficiency has soared, allowing its team to focus on quality patient experience and outcomes. “We used to have a long paper trail with spreadsheets and follow-ups required to staff each job. It used to take an entire day just to staff one large client. Today we can easily staff over 15 jobs in a day! Workpath has helped reduce the manpower needed for each job while growing our volume.” Phlebotek has used the additional time recaptured in the day to expand its service line and its geographic reach. “If we didn’t have the Workpath system we would still have to focus an additional 5 to 10 people working on all of our accounts just to get everything done!”


Understanding the Market, Impacting the Community


In addition to forming good technology partnerships, Jacqueline points to the collective healthcare, business, and life experience of Phlebotek’s owners as another reason for the company’s continued evolution. She reflects on her time enlisted in the US Marine Corp and attributes her keen sense of leadership to her time there.  “This was an invaluable experience for me as I learned leadership and problem solvingskills and have applied this to my daily life,” says Jacqueline. To enhance their understanding of patient experience especially during difficult times is co-owner Krystle Rivera.  Her first-handexperience at Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois as a phlebotomist gave her the tools and understanding necessary to be compassionate and able to really connect with patients. This firsthand experience allows the Phlebotek leadership team to always keep both the phlebotomist and patient perspective in mind at all times. Rounding out the team is co-owner Kyle Livingston, an alumnusof Purdue who holds a degree in Sales Management and Entrepreneurship. Kyle has been with Phlebotek since inception and helped build the company from its grassroots. He sees the growth Phlebotek has accomplished and is even more excited for what lies ahead.


Today, Phlebotek operates as a Women-Owned Business by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council. As the business has grown, Phlebotek has supported the community by assisting nonprofits like 4KIDS, Good Karma Pet Rescue, and a variety of back to school donations for children in need. Internationally, Phlebotek has donated phlebotomy supplies to Accra Ghana Mobile Phlebotomy Project, an effort to launch a mobile phlebotomy company in West Africa.


Jacqueline says that the future of Phlebotek will continue to be built upon the company’s reputation for highly qualified, expertly trained phlebotomy professionals, top notch customer service, and innovative technology like Workpath that allow Phlebotek to efficiently dispatch phlebotomy professionals across the country. As a result, she says that Phlebotek’s trajectory will continue to climb as continues to prove its ability to quickly fill phlebotomy staffing requests with highly qualified personnel anywhere, anytime!