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Best Practices for Using Your Workpath App to Take Photos

Published 2019-06-13

Workpath is on a mission to improve the way healthcare is delivered. As we work to add new features to our HIPAA compliant platform, the healthcare industry is becoming more connected, efficient, and effective. One of the most helpful new features is the ability for mobile users to leverage their Workpath app to collect data—pictures, free text responses, and barcodes—while they’re in the field delivering care! Using this new feature, nurses, phlebotomists, caregivers, and other healthcare specialists around the country have improved their compliance capabilities and decreased their time completing manual paperwork while having more time to concentrate on their patients. 


It’s important to note that any data collected can be securely attached to the appointment record within Workpath so that all information can be kept conveniently and securely together in one place. Our partners can customize the types of information they would like their mobile users to collect and easily attach for every appointment. Photos are an effective way to document care while in the field. While this is a seamless process, we always like to provide our partners with easy-to-implement tips and tricks for their mobile users when uploading their content to the Workpath app. Here are three recommendations for ensuring all data, especially photos, are uploaded on the go and in the best fashion possible to keep important medical appointments on track! 


1.    Lighting:When snapping a photo with your phone, it’s important to consider the best light from all relevant angles. When in doubt, use natural light! If you’re in a medical office, and it’s possible to move around, consider snapping your photo near a window to allow for ample light in your frame. If natural light is difficult to find in an office (it often is) then try using a lamp or other light source near you. 


2.    Positioning:No need to get fancy, just center the subject you’re photographing in the middle for the best results and avoid dramatic angles. Fill your frame but leave just enough space on all sides in case you need to crop your image.


3.    Retake:If the picture you snapped doesn’t look clear in your app it won’t look clear to the providers and schedulers who need that information. You always have the option to retake the photo and try again before uploading it to the appointment. Simply hit the “Retake” button and take a new photo!


That’s it, you’re now a medical specialist with a minor in photography! Go forth, do good, and take good pictures. Once you’re ready to upload them, use Workpath’s app to keep all of your relevant content together, in one place. That’s how healthcare is delivered (and documented)!