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Workpath by the Numbers 

Published 2018-11-05

At Workpath, we continuously study our data, survey our partners, and seek feedback to determine how our technology can help the healthcare industry improve the way it coordinates, dispatches, and improves care. We make it a priority to update these stats on a regular basis. Here’s the latest: 


99% Patient Satisfaction: Home Health agencies leveraging Workpath technology have improved patient satisfaction to 99% on average. 


28.2% Improvement in Appointment Compliance: Phlebotomy providers using Workpath to schedule and dispatch collection specialists have reduced no shows and improved appointments compliance by 28.2% on average.


100% Patient Satisfaction: Cancer Treatment Centers that integrate Workpath to dispatch specialists into chemotherapy patients’ homes to help avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital for blood work prior to treatment have increased patient satisfaction to 100%, reduced waste of premixed chemo treatments, and opened up chemo chair time.


65% Reduction in Emails: Healthcare labor providers, health systems, and more have reduced email communication by 65% using the Workpath platform, allowing healthcare organizations to streamline communication and focus on continued quality. 


40% Decrease in Phone Calls: Healthcare teams using Workpath to coordinate, dispatch, and monitor their labor have reduced phone calls by 40% on average. 


99% Specimen Integrity: Phlebotomists and other specimen collectors using Workpath to monitor and track appointments have improved specimen integrity to 99% on average. 


94.6% Net-HEDIS Rating: Health systems using Workpath’s platform to manage and dispatch their workforce in order to close gaps in care have secured a net-HEDIS rating of 94.6% on average, improved operations, and improved STARS/HEDIS reimbursements.