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By the Numbers: The Impact of On-Demand Labor Dispatching

Published 2019-03-07

At Workpath, we continuously look for ways to redesign healthcare. We ask questions, we dig into our data, we survey our healthcare partners, and we seek as much feedback as possible. This process ensures that as an industry we’re all taking steps to improve the way care is coordinated, dispatched, tracked, and improved. To this end, Workpath makes it a priority to publicly update our stats on a regular basis. Here’s our latest progress toward delivering the right care, at the right time, and in the right place! 

97.31% Appointment Acceptance Rate

Leveraging the Workpath platform, 97.31% of healthcare appointments are accepted by a healthcare specialist without ANY manual intervention from an operations or call center team member. This means that those responsible for care are easily accepting requested appointments in the field and are being dispatched with ease by healthcare organizations. Gone are the days of phone tag, fax machines, and complicated spreadsheets. Healthcare organizations are using Workpath’s platform to automatically locate the most qualified labor based on rules they define (including availability, location, certifications, rating, and more). From there, healthcare organizations are streamlining their communications by automatically notifying their workforce of new opportunities while providing all key details through the Workpath app. 

59.41 Seconds to Acceptance

On average, appointments are accepted within 1 minute of the appointment being created in the Workpath platform. Healthcare organizations are eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls and emails, and skipping directly to confirming appointments immediately. This allows healthcare organizations to easily and seamlessly dispatch their specialists on demand. 

90.17% Reduction in Scheduling Time

Workpath’s customers (health systems, home health agencies, phlebotomy labor providers, insurance examiners, nursing organizations, diagnostic laboratories, and other healthcare leaders) have seen a 90.17% reduction in the time it takes from receiving an order to identifying a healthcare specialist to dispatch. This vastly improves our customers' overall turnaround time, their efficiency, the patient experiences they delivery, and their bottom line. 

85.23% Acceptance by Top-Rated Specialists

Workpath is improving the quality of care by automatically identifying the most qualified member of a healthcare organization’s team or labor network available to accept an appointment. On average, 85.23% of the appointments scheduled through Workpath are accepted by the top-rated healthcare specialist based on the rules of customers. 81.82% of the remaining appointments are accepted by the second highest ranked healthcare specialist.

99.95% Completion Rate

Appointment compliance has soared due to Workpath’s technology. On average, 99.95% of appointments scheduled through Workpath are completed without cancellation or being rescheduled from lack of coverage.  

94.21% Appointments Without Manual Intervention

On average, 94.21% of healthcare appointments are completed successfully by a healthcare specialist without any manual intervention from an operations or call center team member throughout the entirety of the appointment lifecycle!


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