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Tech That Schedules, Automates, and Manages Wellness Events in One Place

Published 2018-09-04

At Workpath, our goal is to help healthcare organizations simplify and connect. Become more digital, yet more human. In 2018, we launched our platform designed to help healthcare organizations and other specialized industries seamlessly send work opportunities to their employees and vendors with ease. Today, our HIPAA-compliant (and award-winning) technology is being used to schedule, dispatch, and manage teams of all sizes around the country. Along the way our partners shared the challenges they face with wellness events, health screenings, and employee wellness programs. We quickly realized that our platform could be easily used for wellness event management and logistics. So, we dug in, and here are the results:

Workpath Increases Efficiencies by Scheduling All Wellness Events and Monitoring Them on One Dashboard

Our wellness partners have established a new norm with Workpath, one that’s no longer hindered by logistics and complexities of the past. With the Workpath platform, organizations now have unprecedented visibility and control. They can schedule, dispatch, monitor, and track all of their wellness events in one place with live updates.

Workpath Automates the Identification of Eligible Workers to Service Wellness Events

Organizations leveraging our platform for wellness events have been able to streamline their identification process for finding and securing eligible workers to service their wellness events based on credentials, training, availability, equipment, and geolocation. They are saying goodbye to spreadsheets and the back and forth they’re used to and handling their wellness events with a single platform capable of managing and mobilizing their team.

Workpath Improves Team Communication and Event Oversight

Workpath is being used in the field as a single platform capable of communicating vital info to an organization’s workforce (full time, part time, and contractors). Our partners are successfully tracking when their labor’s licenses and credentials are expiring, communicating the supplies and procedures needed for each of their events, pushing notifications out to remind their team of upcoming work, and using GPS navigation to help their labor reach the event successfully and on time.

Digital Tools That Improve Wellness Events

So, here’s how it works. Our partners create an event with on our platform and Workpath automatically finds the most qualified candidate in the user’s network. The user’s labor then views the job details and accepts the work assignment on their Workpath App. From there, the organization can view the status of the job in real time for the Workpath dashboard. Let’s take a deeper look:

Monitor Work on Dashboard

Your Dashboard is your home base and central location to track all work in the field. It’s where you create new shifts, then monitor and track their status in real time.

Control Quality

The Work App navigates your labor to the event location and guides them through your service protocol. You control quality by customizing what supplies are needed for each event and outlining the step-by-step instructions your labor should follow while at the event.

Fill Open Shifts Quickly

When a new shift is posted, the Workpath App sends a push notification to all the qualified mobile users in your network to let them know new work has been posted in their area. Sit back and watch open shifts get filled in minutes.

Full API Integration

The old meets new, and they work together seamlessly. Our API integrates with your existing systems, like your EMR or other internal technology platforms, creating a streamlined workflow to further automate your processes.

Electronic Request Form

The Electronic Service Request Form enables you to receive work from all of your customers, even if they aren’t part of the Workpath network. Pass your shareable Service Request Link to your connections, and our platform transfers all of their outside opportunities onto your Dashboard just like the rest of your appointments.

Mileage Tracking

Our platform gives you visibility into the best route to an appointment or wellness event and real-time info to let you know if a specialist is going to arrive on time. By tracking a specialist’s estimated time of arrival and real-time location, organizations can cut down on the time spent tracking and documenting mileage information.

HIPAA Compliance

A safeguarded data center, and a completely HIPAA-compliant platform. Workpath technology has you covered.

Stratify Your Network with Tags

Our Tagging system helps you dispatch the right people at the right time. Create a customized pool of Tags that are relevant to your work, like Centrifuge Trained, Licensed RN, or EKG Certified, and add them to the corresponding mobile labors’ profiles as well as any new shifts that require them. Workpath only offers new shifts to the mobile users with the appropriate Tags.