Take your phlebotomy business to the next level for as low as $79 per month.

$79 per month base package includes one Office User and two Mobile Users. Additional users billed on a per user basis. Contact us for a personalized quote.

70% of all medical decisions start with diagnostics, yet 40% of patients never follow through on the diagnostics their doctors order. Why? Because it’s inconvenient. Wait times and inefficient systems are roadblocks in a culture where convenience is king.

Workpath technology solves this problem.

  • Receive work from your customers by sharing your digital service request link.
  • Dispatch your team to perform new services with a click – when and where it's most convenient.
  • Your phlebotomists are equipped with our mobile app that helps them navigate to the patient's location and manage their schedules.
  • You can track all of your team's work on our platform, in real time.
  • Get all this and more for as low as $79 per month.

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