About Workpath

Our mission is to re-invent the house call, enabling healthcare providers to deliver care when and where it's needed most.

The Mission

The Covid-era has proven that virtual healthcare is here to stay. But what about patients or situations that can’t be adequately met by telehealth? 

Solving for this challenge is our mission at Workpath. Our solutions enable virtual caregiving organizations to add a comprehensive layer of in-home care, in-home testing, and collection services. This is the new standard of care: provide the timely care patients need, precisely when and where they need it. Put simply, our API makes house calls happen.

For caregivers, our solution means dramatic increases in their ability to provide care for any situation. And for patients it means better quality of care, vastly better communication, and more options.

The Team

Eddie Peloke


Hunter Byrnes

Head of Customer Success & Strategy

Cameron Hall

Head of Product

Mitchell Murray

Head of Sales

Andrea Hoover

Account Manager

Justin Rutherford


Emily Murphy


Jeremy Remington

IT Infrastructure Specialist

Elliott Pogue


Ryan Stimmler


Luke Atwood

Head of Finance

Louie Cheung


Ashley Wilson