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The mission to help healthcare organizations improve efficiency, coordination, and care.

Workpath builds intelligent technology that helps healthcare organizations centralize their work opportunities to automatically send to the most qualified employees and vendors. Our HIPAA compliant platform is used to schedule, dispatch, and manage teams of all sizes around the United States. Workpath’s award-winning technology matches the right team member, contractor, or third party vendor to perform any task, anywhere. 


Any organization can use Workpath’s platform to automate the management of their labor, reduce waste, and improve their efficiency. Workpath integrates with existing systems like Allscripts, Epic, and Cerner. Industries currently leveraging Workpath’s intelligence include health systems, home health agencies, phlebotomy labor providers, insurance examiners, nursing organizations, diagnostic laboratories, and other healthcare leaders. In addition, the Workpath platform is used by healthcare organizations to schedule daily shifts and on-call shifts at facilities and patient homes, to staff events, to fill open shifts, and to schedule recurring shifts. 

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Reduction in Email
Decrease in Phone Calls
Patient Satisfaction
Appointment Compliance
Improvement in Patient Experiences

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We're purpose driven.

We come to the table with a set of core values that drive everything we do.


GRIT...NO EGO: Workpath has grit. We are continuously moving forward, developing new solutions, improving the customer’s experience, and making a difference in the community. There's no room for ego.


NO FINE PRINT: We take pride in providing the highest value technology possible with no fine print. We're straightforward and stand firmly behind our products to ensure absolute customer satisfaction, repeat clientele, and a connected community.

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CREATE VALUE EVERYWHERE: Workpath believes we’re all creators of value. We don’t wait for opportunities, we put ourselves out there and look for ways to create massive value in every environment we enter. Workpath actively plant seeds, builds relationships, and always looks for ways to make an impact everywhere.


EFFORTLESS EXPERIENCE: We strive to make our technology effortless. Workpath is committed to helping customers simplify complexities to optimize their workforce and create better experiences. Our platform, and our customer service, is driven by a desire to make it easy for customers to get the tools, services, and experiences they want at all times.  

Learn from our experiences

RADICAL CANDOR: We care personally and deeply, and because of that – we challenge directly. We look for ways to help, provide feedback constructively, and interact in a way that is transformative to our team and our clients. Because of this, we always look for ways to grow as people and as a brand.

The workpath team

Eddie Peloke
Baylee Mabe
Head of Product
Hunter Byrnes
Business Development
Luke Atwood
Business Development
Paul Spicer
VP of Marketing
Mitchell Murray
Account Executive
Ryan Stimmler
Leo Blocker
Manual Test Lead
Jeremy Remington
IT Infrastructure Specialist
Elliott Pogue
Louie Cheung
Justin Rutherford

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